The target group will be:

  1. key stakeholders, policy formulators and decision makers in each country: institutions/organizations/companies/SMEs/Local Public authorities/Representatives of the Ministry of Education/schools/kindergartens/Hospitality Industry/trade unions leaders.
  2. VET and non-VET Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, Student Teachers, schools,  teachers associations and/or unions, VET providers, teachers’ education providers, national/regional organizations in charge of VET and non-VET education, local bodies, etc.

The real beneficiaries will be our VET students and in the long run those who will join this type of education later as they are now in lower secondary or primary school.

This project will raise awareness of equal opportunities epecially in VET education and will promote entrepreneurship education as a solution to gender gap in the employment rate. To reach the Europe 2020 objective of a 75% employment rate,particular attention needs to be given to the proportion of female entrepreneurs, at 33% (30% in start-ups),which  is some way short of optimum and most women still do not consider entrepreneurship as a relevant career option. Young women should also benefit from the growing emphasis on entrepreneurship as one of the basic skills that schools should teach all pupils, girls or boys.

It is this issue, which needs to be addressed. The development of entrepreneurial mindsets is becoming embedded in policy across Europe.It is this new approach that the project will experiment in the partners’ organizations, institutions and schools.