The GEEA aims at:

• form a Strategic Partnership of organisations which will raise awareness on equal opportunities preparing our target group for the labour market

• devise tools to examine gender issues and offer guidance

• produce a series of core publications

• establish means and methods for participants to share their experiences, products and expertise 

• create a new approach to promoting entrepreneurship education as a solution to gender gap in the employment rate

• enhance value to existing best practice by widespread dissemination

• connect to national and European initiatives


To achieve this GEEA will:

1. undertake research and publish the “state of the art”

2. produce a Code of Practice for decision makers,policy makers, teachers, headteachers, managers of adult education organisations and leaders of NGOs on equal opportunities and gender equality issues

3. mentoring young female entrepreneurs

4. needs analysis for training teachers,student teachers and teacher trainers

5. examine pedagogical approaches

6. produce TP and guidance resources for teachers and educators and a Kit for students

7. create a Web site with services offering access to materials

8. create an online community, training opportunities and GEEA products, research reports, resources etc;

9. disseminate GEEA and widen the community via the extended networks of partners.